Trust Your Development,
We Keep the Invaders Out.

BlindSpot goes beyond known vulnerabilities, with the first solution to detect hidden trojans in your open-source packages, and software delivery lifecycle.

Attacks We Guard Against:

| Codecov | solarwinds | kaseya | 3cx | parser.js | pytorch 

| Codecov | solarwinds | kaseya | 3cx | parser.js | pytorch 

Trust Your Development,
We Keep the Invaders Out

Never have uninvited guests from third parties in your software supply chain. With BlindSpot’s first-in-kind binary-to-source analysis platform you get full governance and security over the open-source your developers bring home.

Attacks We Guard Against:

| Codecov | solarwinds | kaseya | 3cx | parser.js | pytorch

 | Codecov | solarwinds | kaseya | 3cx | parser.js | pytorch

software Development Lifecycle

See your Blind spots

Obtain a clear view of your development process and identify potential risks.

Trust Your Chain

Prevent 3rd party risks and modern supply chain attacks from reaching your application.

Remediate with Ease

Get a concise and actionable remediation workflow.


More than 80% of the average software is open source code. External dependencies are being added every day, with little to no oversight by security teams.


Traditional scanning tools don’t detect modern software attacks. In 2022 alone, there has been more than 740% increase in attacks involving malicious or compromised packages.


Organizations spend millions of dollars on their own security. But what about the open-source we use? We can’t expect them to adhere to the same standards.

how can the security teams succeed in keeping their organization safe?


Gain visibility to your development repositories, open-source packages, CI/CD tools, and more.


Detect vulnerabilities, malicious code, trojans, and supply chain risks in both your company’s software and all open-source packages in use, in real-time.


BlindSpot becomes your AppSec manager, ensuring policies and best practices are enforced across all of your CI/CD and open-source stack.

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