Breach Detection

In software, the chain isn’t as strong as its weakest link; it’s as weak as all the weak links multiplied together.

Traditional SCA (Software Composition Analysis) solutions scan your code for vulnerabilities, which are exploitable only in 5% of cases, but miss out on ongoing sophisticated attacks that are exploiting the weakest link your development so heavily relies on: open source and 3rd party dependencies

Our Detection exposes compromised packages and alerts you when you are under attack.

The problem

One of your dependencies has been hit by a malicious actor. How do you make sure it doesn’t hit you and your customers?

The solution

BlindSpot’s Binary-To-Source Analysis detects any kind of attack on your open-source, and your CI/CD pipelines.

Give developers freedom to deliver software integrity

Let your developers use what they need, while having the right guardrails for keeping your applications safe

Stop malicious
packages at the door

Detect attacks as soon as possible and prevent malicious activity from spreading further down your SDLC.

Don’t stress about
open-source mess

Most Open-source projects don’t use the needed security controls, or any at all. We verify each and every package for integrity.

Concise Alerts

Our alerts indicate an attack, as opposed to vulnerabilities that flood you with false positives without an actual exploitable path.

How it Works

Step 1

BlindSpot technology reverses your binary code into a source version, including the dependencies within the binaries.

Step 2

Our machine learning models compare your source code you wrote, to the version generated from your binary code, looking for unexpected strings of code in the complied version.

Step 3

You will receive a notification in real-time when a discrepancy is found, so you can stop the compromised package from reaching production and your customers.


Packages Detection

BlindSpot detects the specific package that was hit by an attacker within your own binaries, 3rd party binaries, and in the tools you are using.

Malicious Code

BlindSpot catches malicious code in your own source code and in 3rd party code your bring home.

CI/CD Breach

BlindSpot alerts you in case your own CI/CD has been compromised.