Traditional SCA (Software Composition Analysis) detects vulnerabilities based on a package version only.
This results in a large amount of noise and false positive alerts, including packages not even in use.

This is why you need a SCA solution that is code-aware.

The problem

A dependency is vulnerable with a Critical score. But in fact, it is never used in your code. Traditional SCA will flag it as vulnerable and will require a fix.

The solution

BlindSpot’s Code-Aware SCA uses complex flow graphs to determine if the vulnerable piece of code is actually used, cutting down 80% of the false positives.

Cut development security overhead, prioritize risk.

Most of your vulnerabilities are not even reachable, focus on those that are.

Fix only what matters

Fix only the vulnerabilities that you actually use in your software.

Detect more than vulnerabilities

Today’s attacks go further than vulnerabilities. Detect attacks such as typosquatting, dependency confusion, malicious code packages and more.

Look beyond packages

BlindSpot looks not only at your dependencies, but also your CI/CD tools, frameworks, and plugins.



Ongoing vulnerability detection at the most critical point in your SDLC.

Malicious Code Detection

Expose malicious code within all of the packages sources you use.

Vulnerability Prioritizaion

Prioritize vulnerability fixes based on reachability.

Easy development integration

Easily integrate with your SCM.