Developers bring external dependencies, CI/CD tools, containers, and other open-source tools into the organization’s development environment every day with little to no oversight by security teams.

BlindSpot helps govern these risks with Built-In & Custom policies combined with top-notch detection.

The problem

A developer introduces a new CI/CD tool, or dependency, containing malicious code.

The solution

BlindSpot Detection spots the malicious or vulnerable component, and combined with BlindSpot’s Policy Engine – alerts, and blocks the component from being used.

Ensure best security practices, keep the regulators away

Define the organization policy and let BlindSpot enforce it for you.

Built In Policies

Customize the policies enforced for your environment based on the frameworks you choose such as SLSA and NIST.

Optimise AppSec Time

BlindSpot governs for you, so you can use your time on your other daily missions.

Select better dependencies

BlindSpot helps you select the most secure and maintained dependencies.


Package Advisor

Utilize BlindSpot’s Machine Learning engine to select the best and most secure tools and packages for your applications.

Top-Class Detection

BlindSpot’s Breach Detection and Code-Aware SCA help you detect malicious components and block them before they are used in the application.

Policy & Compliance

Export SBOM with data about vulnerabilities and malicious dependencies. 

Detect and prevent legal risks across your open-source components.

Full Audit Graph

BlindSpot Graph correlates which user brought which component,
when, and which other components these dependencies are connected to.